COVID Learning Experience Meredith Morgan


This is a montage video of my typical day of online school.


A student goes to school and is bored.

Intent / Goals

My goal was to make a simple film that students could relate to.


I didn’t have to research much for my role because I was playing myself.


Was the film relatable? Did the edits fit in well?

Peer Feedback

“YES relatable!!!” – Brian

“I think that the edits fit well, It was easy to see the clear passing of time, and the film was very relatable. I also liked the ending, and the audio of the teacher added a lot I think.” – Stuart

“I thought the edits were smooth, I liked the blackout in the beginning” – Robbie

“I think it was relatable, and the edits were pretty seamless. I think if you wanted to make it more interesting/engaging, you could utilize more of a variety of shots so it wasn’t the same shot the whole time.” – Avian

“the quiet audio for the zoom teachers was good because they audience couldn’t really pay attention to them just like the character in the film” -Neil

“I really liked the edits near the middle of the film. I think it captured the moods of online learning!” – Bradley

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