Thoughts of a Cynical Dog Feedback


This 60 second film is a narration of my dog’s inner thoughts while I am petting him. I often think to myself, what if my dog doesn’t love me as much as I think he does? Or what if he isn’t a big happy doofus on the inside? This was my interpretation of what he might be thinking.


  • Was it funny?
  • Was the sound quality ok?
  • Do you think my dog is cute?

Peer Feedback

  • Loved the voice over! Sound quality was great. – Bradley Berbells
  • I would recommend more close up’s of the dog and a shot of yourself from the dogs point of view. – Aidan Anderson
  • I thought it was funny! I liked how you narrated the dogs thoughts! – Avery Miller
  • I like how the dog understands the flow of time as it is but also thinks of things in terms of dog years. – Dylan Werts
  • The sound was great, very funny, very cute dog. He didn’t seem very enthusiastic to be in your film – Nairn Peters
  • I liked the dog, and the different things he explains. I thought it was funny – Stuart Whitney
  • Beautiful angled shot – Brian Favorite

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